How to enable Developer Mode in Windows 11

Developer Mode has always been helpful for developers who want to test their apps while they are still in development, sideload UWP (Universal Windows Platform) apps onto their computers, or use other developer features.

But Developer Mode is turned off by default because most people don’t need it. So, if developers want to use the feature, they will have to turn it on in the Windows settings.

Even though not many things have changed about how to turn on the feature, it can be hard to find the option in Windows 11 because it is now under a new sub-menu.

Enable Developer Mode with Settings

Press Win + I to open Settings.

Go to Privacy & Security then select For Developers.

Locate the Developer Mode section and toggle the switch to On.

Click Yes if prompted.

Explore developer-friendly settings

After turning on Developer Mode, developers can use File Explorer, Remote Desktop, Windows Terminal, and even PowerShell to change a lot of settings.

Even people who aren’t developers can use these settings. But putting them all in one place is really helpful for developers who might need to switch between them often.


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