How to Enable Different Time Zones in Windows 10 Clock

There are different time zones in the World. The standard time zone is the difference of the time in east and west of the 0 Degree Longitude at Greenwich, London. The standard time zone is known as Universal Time Coordinated (UTC), previously known as Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

Right to the UTC line is one hour ahead than the standard UTC time and conversely, the left to the UTC is one hour back from the standard UTC time. So, it is very important to have a clock displaying various time zones for different commitments of a person’s daily life.  Businessmen, students, and other professionals must keep the time difference of the different world regions in time.

Windows 10 displays a primary clock that is set to the user system time zone. There is an option to add two additional clocks of different time zones in Windows 10. Follow the following steps to set up different time zones on Windows 10.

Click on the Start menu and then click on Windows Settings.

In windows settings, click on the Time & language option.

Go to Date & Time settings in time and language options. The date and time will be in front of you. Click on the Add clocks for different time zones option.

A new Date and Time window will open. There was nothing to do initially with the time zones settings in this window.

To add different time zones clock, check Show this cock and click on the arrow pointing down in Select time zone options. Select the desired time zone.

Enter the display name. For second additional clock, select from the dropdown list. Once selected, click Apply in the bottom right and then click OK to save the settings.

Point the cursor on the time displaying in your taskbar, the additional time zones will pop-up. You can also check the time in bigger view by clicking the time in the taskbar.

The slider will display the local and additional time zones clocks with day and date.

Muhammad Imran Habib

Imran is a technology evangelist with 8 years of experience working with some of the Industry leading companies. Imran's expertise includes On-Prem/Virtual Infrastructure deployments, IT Solutions for SMEs, End User Computing Support.

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