How to Enable / Disable Aero Shake Option in Windows 10

If your job requires you to open many apps at the same time, your PC screen may get cluttered with app windows. Windows introduced the feature of Aero Shake back in windows 7 and it is still available in windows 10. This feature enables you to minimize all the opened windows by shaking any one window.

Click (do not release mouse button) on the windows title bar and you will be able to move the window, just move the window to the left and right direction as if shaking it and you will see all the other app windows will be minimized. Shake again to get back all windows.

You may want to disable the Aero Shake feature to avoid accidentally minimizing your work. This article will show you how to enable/disable the Aero Shake Feature in Windows 10 the easy way.

To disable this feature please make sure that you are logged into Windows as an administrator.

Disable Aero Shake Option in Windows 10

Type in “Group Policy” in the search bar next to the Windows Start Button and click on Edit Group Policy.

Local Group Policy Editor Window will open

In the left pane, Under the User Configuration, click on Administrative Templates and then click on Desktop. Then in the right side pane, double click the “Turn off Aero Shake windows minimizing mouse gesture”

Policy Editor Window will open

Click (Dot) the Enabled option and click Apply and OK to close the policy Editor.

You have successfully disabled the Aero Shake feature.

To enable the feature again, you can follow the same steps and in the final step just select (Dot) the “Disabled” or “Not Configured Option”

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