How to Enable Low Power Mode on macOS

If you often use your laptop to its battery limits without an available charging spot nearby, you have to try low power mode. This feature is not exclusive to the iPhone, as it’s built into the macOS too.

To prolong your MacBook battery life, the macOS optimizes your system settings for low power usage till you can get it charged.

The screen brightness is reduced, most background effects are shut down, and a reduction in CPU speed. In addition, you get a MacBook that’s more silent to use because most features are optimized.

The best part? It’s pretty easy to do, and we’ll show you how.

However, note that the Low Power Mode is only available for MacBook models using macOS Monterey.

How to Turn On Low Power Mode on Your macOS

Below are the steps to enable the low power mode.

Firstly, click the Apple menu – the apple logo at the top left corner of your screen.

Then, select “System Preferences” on the drop-down menu.

Next, click Battery – the green battery icon. Now, on the left side of your screen (under the large battery icon), select “Battery” again.

Then, click the box beside the “low power mode” option on the right panel.

However, if you want to activate the low power mode while charging your macOS, select “Power Adapter” on the left side panel. Then, click the low power mode box to activate.

The option for low power mode should be pretty easy to locate on the battery preferences page, and it should give you more time on your PC.

Ori Otokpa

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