How to Enable the Back Tap Feature on iPhone

If there’s one thing Apple should be applauded for, it’s Apple’s customer-centric features. With every new software update and model release, there’s always an improvement to ensure customer satisfaction.

One of the outstanding features Apple products offer is the Back-tap feature.

The back-tap feature allows your iPhone glass back to serve as a button! With a light double or triple back-tap, you can take a screenshot, open your control center, etc.

If you are yet to start using this feature, follow the steps outlined below.

Enable the Back Tap Feature on iPhone

Firstly, launch the Settings app and scroll down.

Then, select “Accessibility” and tap “Touch.

Next, scroll down and select Back Tap. Then, choose Double Tap and tap your preferred action.

You can select from the accessibility, scroll gestures, or shortcut sections. Next, repeat the above step for the Triple Tap option (if you want.).

Note: This feature is only available for iOS 14 software and above.

Ori Otokpa

Ori is a medicine major, realtor, and content writer with over 5+ years of working experience. Through years of in-depth tech research and writing she has garnered sufficient knowledge to teach and help people find their way around tech. Ori’s goals are to broaden her expertise, travel the world, and go on as many adventures as possible.

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