Enable Windows 7 Aero Effects In VirtualBox

1. To Enable Windows 7 Aero Effects Inside VirtualBox, select Devices > Install Guest Additions

2. In the AutoPlay Run WindowsAdditions.exe

3. Note that Direct3D Support is off by default. You must check this box for this video tutorial to work.

4. Click No. You don’t want the basic Direct3D support. Once you click No, VirtualBox will explain the memory requirements.OK

5. Now click Install. Windows will ask if you want to install a driver; obviously, you do.This popup will appear more than once, so keep an eye on the VM during this process.

6. Once it’s done, you will be asked to reboot.Select I want to manually reboot later. Click on finish and manually turn off the VM.

Confirm Virtual Machine Settings

1. While the VM is off, make sure we have enough display memory for Aero to work. Select the Windows 7 Virtual  Machine > Settings, and then Display:

2. Move the Video slider to128MB or Higher “Enable 3D Acceleration” and click OK

Enabling Aero

1. Right-click the desktop and select Personalize. The Personalization window will open:

2. Under Aero Themes, just click any themes you like.

Video Tutorial:


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