How to Exit Safe Mode – Windows 10

If you feel any difficulty in starting Windows 10, it is good to boot it in the Safe Mode. Once you finished fixing your problem through safe mode, just exit the safe mode to use the windows in normal mode. Getting out of safe mode is a simple process. This article will show you the simplest way to exit safe mode in Windows 10.

Before that, you must understand what safe mode is. It is simply the troubleshooting mode, which runs the windows in an incomplete mode, by disabling the non-essential hardware drivers.

Therefore, you do not see the normal graphics, listen to the volumes, or use some other features.

Yet, you can boot in safe mode and start your window. Now in safe mode, you can find and fix the issue by removing the troublesome programs and drivers. Once done, you need to exit the safe mode. Let us see how to do it step-by-step.

Exit Safe Mode – Windows 10

First, you need to restart your PC. So go to the Windows button on the left bottom of the screen, in the power option, select “Restart”.

There are several other methods to restart your system. For instance, typing the command “shutdown /r” in the command prompt.

The restart of your PC will start the windows in normal mode, the next time it will boot.

If you want to exit the safe mode without restarting your PC, then here is the method.

Open the “Run” program in your computer by pressing the Win+R key combination. Type in “msconfig” in the text bar of the program and press OK in the bottom.

This will open another window. Go to the “Boot” tab in this window and find the section “Boot Options” at the bottom of this tab. Uncheck the mark before the options mention as “Safe Boot”, and press “OK”.

Muhammad Imran Habib

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