How to Fix 0x800f0831 Windows 11 Update Error

Problem code 0x800f0831 is a Windows 11 update error that might occur. This error notice in the Windows Update tab prevents you from upgrading your operating system.

These alphanumeric letters mean nothing, however they are causing issues with the update installation. The cause for this issue might be anything, and your machine will pause the OS upgrade for an indefinite period of time. And it’s not a good situation to find yourself in.

Many Windows 11 customers have claimed that even after downloading the update files, they are unable to install them. This is a bug check that no official patch has yet been able to address.

However, there’s no need to be concerned! There are many options for resolving the Windows Update problem on Windows 11. But first, figure out what’s causing the problem so you can employ the correct troubleshooting technique.

Run the Windows Update troubleshooter

Press Windows + I to open Settings.

Go to System and select Troubleshoot.

Select Other troubleshooters.

Look for Windows Update and click on Run beside it.

You may examine full information about the issues and manually address them after the diagnostic findings are revealed. Then try installing the update one again, and you should be good to go.

If the scan returns no results, shut the troubleshooter and go on to the next step to determine if your system files are corrupted.

Run System File Checker

Search cmd on your Windows search bar and select Command Prompt.

Select Run as administrator.

In the command prompt, copy and paste the following command and press Enter.


Let the process finish and restart your PC.

Perform a clean boot

Press Windows + R to open Run dialog.

Type msconfig and press OK.

Go to the Services tab.

Select Hide all Microsoft services and select Disable all.

Next, go to Startup and select Open task manager.

Disable any enabled apps of your choice.

Exit Task Manager and go back to System Configuration and press OK.

Restart your PC.


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