How to Fix a Cursor When It Moves On Its Own in Windows 11

Users of Windows sometimes have trouble with their mouse. One problem that people often have is that their cursor moves around on the screen without them moving the mouse at all.

Usually, it’s just a dust particle on the table or a loose mouse connection, but sometimes the problem is with the operating system.

If your mouse has also stopped listening to you and is wandering around on its own, this article will give you different ways to get back in charge.

Clean the Desk Surface or Mouse Pad

Start figuring out what’s wrong by wiping down the surface where you use the mouse. Wipe down the desk and scrub the mousepad to get rid of dust and other particles.

If the problem still happens after you clean the desk or mousepad, clean the bottom of the mouse very well.

If wiping down the desk and mouse doesn’t help, try holding the mouse in your hand and watching how it moves.

If the same thing keeps happening, it’s likely that dust or bumps on the table have nothing to do with the problem.

If this is the case, keep making the fixes listed below.

Check Mouse and Its Connection

Once you’re sure that the crazy mouse cursor isn’t because of a dirty surface, look at the mouse itself. Make sure the mouse and its cable are not broken in any way.

Make sure the connection is tight and that the port your mouse is plugged into isn’t broken.

When the mouse works again after changing ports, the problem is with the port. So, get rid of the old port and use the new one.

But if changing the port doesn’t fix the problem, it might be because of the operating system.

Turn Off Touchpad When Using an External Mouse

Press Win + I to open Settings.

Select Bluetooth & devices then click on Touchpad.

Toggle off the Touchpad to disable it.

Disable Inactive Scrolling

Press Win + I to open Settings.

Select Bluetooth & devices then click on Mouse.

Toggle off the Scroll inactive windows when hovering over them to disable it.


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