How to Fix Black Screen Issues in Windows 11

As with earlier versions, Windows 11 is prone to errors. The black screen problem in Windows 11 is a problem that numerous people have reported experiencing.

Despite the fact that the issue appears complicated, it is most likely caused by a minor bugs, slack connections, etc.

Do not worry if you have already faced the issue. You’ve come to the right place since we have the fastest and most reliable solutions.

Check for loose connections

Make sure the display is turned on before continuing. Check to see if the power light is on and that it is securely connected to the power source, if one is present.

Confirm that the monitor’s connections are accurate and securely made. The connections can simply be unplugged and then replugged firmly.

Try connecting a spare monitor to the system if you have one in case the issue is with the monitor itself or switch the primary monitor to the secondary and the secondary to the primary if you use numerous monitors for your displays. Try using a single monitor if this doesn’t work and see if that helps.

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Restart your PC

You wouldn’t be able to restart or shut down the computer normally if the system was non-responsive. You would have to use the power button in this situation.

Hold down the power button while continuing to press it to switch off the computer. After a little delay, push it once more to power on the computer. After that, verify that the Windows 11 black screen problem has been resolved.

The OS is reloaded and any bugs that are the cause of the black screen problem are fixed when you restart the computer.

Unplug unnecessary accessories

It is advised that you unplug any non-essential peripherals or devices in this situation, leaving only the monitor, keyboard, and mouse connected.

Restart the computer after detaching the peripherals to see if the problem has been resolved. This technique may also be used to resolve the black screen before login with Windows 11.

If the computer starts up normally after the peripherals have been removed, begin reconnecting them one at a time and restarting the machine to find the problematic component. Once the malfunctioning device has been located, swap it out for a system-compatible one.

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Reset Graphics Adapter.

Press Win + Ctrl + Shift + B to reset your graphics adapter. You will hear a slight beep and a flash on the screen which means that the reset has been successfully done.

The graphics adapter is essential to the computer’s efficient operation, and if something goes wrong with it, you could have the Windows 11 black screen problem. Resetting the adapter will solve the problem quickly.

Change Projection Settings

Press Win + P to view the available projection options.

Select any option with your keyboard arrow and press Enter to select one.

Check if Graphics Card is Installed Properly

If you recently replaced or upgraded your graphics card and then started getting the problem, there’s a chance it wasn’t installed correctly.

If the graphics card is installed loosely, tighten it up to solve the issue. However, if you are unfamiliar with the hardware, we advise that you get professional assistance.

Clean your Hardware

One of the biggest dangers to your computer is dust. Over time, dust accumulation occurs and has an impact on how well the system works. One of its side effects is the black screen problem.

In this situation, it is advised that you remove the CPU and clean each component individually. Do care to clean them lightly since the use of force can damage the fragile components.

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Have your PC repaired

We advise taking your PC to a repair shop if none of the repairs mentioned above work or if you are scared to disassemble the components. The experts there will inspect each component, both significant and minor, pinpoint any problems, and replace or fix any broken ones.

Your PC ought to be in mint condition when it is delivered from the shop, despite the cost and duration of repair being important factors.


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