Fix Empty Startup Folder in Windows 11

There might be many causes for the issue, but first try to recall if you added any programs to the folder. Because many people utilize Settings or Task Manager to set up startup programs, the startup folder is empty, even if numerous apps run at launch.

There are also two starting folders, not one. One is for individual users, while the other is for the whole system. As a result, there’s a strong possibility you added the program to one but are searching for it in the other, and the Windows 11 starting folder seems to be empty.

Furthermore, there might be an issue with the Startup folder itself, which can be fixed with a good repair program. If there are no starting items to show in Windows, let us guide you through the most effective ways.

Check both the startup folders

Press Windows + R to open Run dialog.

Type shell:startup and press OK.

See whether the app you’re searching for is available here. If it isn’t, we’ll look in the common startup folder next.

Close the folder and press Windows + R again.

Type shell:common startup and press OK.

Check if the application you are looking for is here.

If it was manually added before, the software you’re searching for should be in one of these directories. If the Windows startup programs are still missing, continue to the next step.

Also, now that you know where the Windows 11 starting folder is, installing and deleting programs should be easy.

Verify if startup apps have been configured through Task Manager

Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open Task Manager.

Go to Startup tab.

Check to see whether the app you’re searching for is enabled.

If not, select it, and then click on Enable found at the bottom.

Should I disable all startup apps in Windows 11?

The longer it takes for the OS to launch, the more startup applications you have. This does not, however, imply that you should deactivate all of them. Some apps, like as antivirus, are vital and should be permitted to launch during startup.

Other programs that you do not use regularly may be disabled to make Windows 11 quicker and more responsive. Instead of having programs load automatically after turning on the computer, most users choose to activate them manually. Which choice you pick is entirely up to you.


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