How to Fix Err_connection_reset on Windows 11

Every day, we use web browsers to access the Internet, but occasionally, problems with web browsers can arise. Today we’re going to teach you how to fix the err_connection_reset error that users have encountered on Windows 11.

Fix Err_connection_reset in Windows 11

The only browser that will produce an error with the err_connection_reset code is Google Chrome. However, you can receive notifications that are very similar across browsers.

Firefox, for instance, will display an error code that reads, “The connection was reset.”

Disable your firewall and antivirus software

Protecting your PC against malicious users and malicious software requires the usage of firewall and antivirus software.

Disabling your firewall or antivirus program for a short period of time may help to resolve this issue.

Set the highest possible transmission unit.

Press Win + X and Click Network Connections.

Find and write down the name of your active network connection.

Press Win + X and Click Windows Terminal (Admin).

Enter the Code “netsh interface ipv4 set subinterface your network connection name mtu=1472 store=presisten” and press Enter.

Check to see whether the The connection to the server was reset error has been resolved after executing this command.

Disable AppEx Networks Accelerator feature

Users claimed that the AppEx Networks Accelerator feature leads AMD users to experience the err_connection_reset error, and they claimed that this issue may be resolved by simply turning off this option.

Type Control Panel in your Windows search bar and select Open.

Under Network and Internet, click on View network status and tasks.

Click Change Adapter Settings.

Right click on your Network Connection and press Properties.

Find the AppEx Networks Accelerator option, then turn it off In order to disable this feature.

If you can’t find it, make sure to look in your network adapter’s advanced options.

Use the netsh command

Press Win + X and select Windows Terminal (Admin)

Copy and paste the code “netsh winsock reset” and press Enter.

Close the Command Prompt and restart your PC to apply changes.

Turn off Proxy

Press the Start Button and search Internet Options.

Under the Connections tab, click on Lan Settings.

Uncheck Use a proxy server for your LAN and click OK

Clear Browsing Cache

Open your Google Chrome browser and press Ctrl + Shift + Delete to access the Clear Browsing Data.

Select All Time on the Time Range drop down arrow.

Select Cache Images and Files.

Click Clear data.

Restart your Browser to see if the problem is resolved.

Change your browser

We would like to offer a warm recommendation that could prove helpful if you experience issues with your current browser

Specifically, we encourage you to switch to Opera browser in order to gain access to a quicker, lighter, and more dependable browser in addition to changing things up

Not to mention the free built-in VPN that will safeguard your identity when online and has no subscription or usage limit


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