Fix Microsoft has Blocked Macros, the Source is Untrusted

In 2022, Microsoft came out with a new version of Excel that was more secure and didn’t let Excel Macros run.

Notably, this update was made to stop users from running potentially dangerous macros that hackers could make to get to their personal information.

But to protect users from bad macros, Microsoft made the security so tight that users got an error message that said “Security Risk: Microsoft has blocked macros from running because the source of this file is not trusted.”

The change that Microsoft made stopped macros from running on files that were downloaded from the internet. But since macros are a great way to automate Excel and make working on an Excel sheet easier, not being able to use real macros could slow down the work of some users.

Continue reading this guide to solve this error.

Unblock Security

Open your Excel file and go to File.

Click on Options located at the bottom-left corner.

Select Trust Center and click on Trust Center Settings.

Go to External Content.

Select Enable all Data Connections.

Click OK to save your settings.

Unblock Security (Windows 10)

Close your Excel file and right-click on your workbook.

Click on Properties.

Under the General tab, select Unblock beside Security.

Click on Apply to save your changes.

Re-open the same Excel file and you will notice that the error message has disappeared.

Go to View tab, click on Macros.

When the pop-up appears, click on Run and you will see the macros working without issue.


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