How to Get Offline Maps Windows 10

If you are devising to travel to some exotic place or just to another local city, you may require map guidance. One of the best navigation aspects of Windows 10 is the capability to download maps for offline usage from within your operating system. Offline maps are an essential feature of Windows 10 because they help in some situations when you can’t get any signal, or you cannot make internet connection at the moment.

You can use offline maps anytime without requiring internet connection.

Offline maps allow you to download entire countries at once or specific regions of a country at a time. Therefore being able to search for locations, receive turn-by-turn directions and see points of interest anywhere you are or wherever you go. In this guide you will learn how to download offline maps in Windows 10 so that you can benefit from them even if there is no internet connection:

1. First, click the Windows icon on the lower-left side of your taskbar.

2. Then select Settings from the start menu.

3. Once the Windows Settings options have opened click on Apps.

4. When Apps and features tab appears select Offline maps.

5. On the right side of the options, you see maps related settings. Tab or click on the + button next to the Download maps.

6. Choose the continent where the map you desire to download is located.

7. Select the country you desire. In our case USA.

8. Choose the region you want to download. To download all the maps for areas in the USA, you choose All regions. It is not advisable to download all the maps for the USA because it consumes a lot of space. Therefore just select the necessary regions to download maps.

9. After you choose your region, the map will immediately begin to download. The download process takes a few seconds or a few minutes depending on the extent of the map and performance of your internet connection.

10. Once the download is done, the map displays in the Settings window.

Repeat the process for any additional regions you need as offline maps. It saves the map in your Windows 10 computer.

How to configure the location and update of offline maps

Windows 10 allows you to change the location of the maps by simply clicking on the Storage location drop-down list. A list of drives shows up, choose the available drive on your Windows 10 machine. The map is moved to your desired location.

When you scroll down the available offline maps settings, you can set if Windows 10 automatically updates maps. You can also set if maps are downloaded on WLAN or unlimited cellular data.


You can also do manual checks for map updates by clicking check now.









How to use the offline maps in your Windows 10

Now that you have downloaded an offline map let’s open it to use. One of the fastest ways is to tap the Windows icon and, in the Start menu, scroll down the list of apps and select Maps shortcut under letter M.

You can also search for maps in the search box located on the toolbar and select the first option.

Once the Maps app is opened, you can start devising your direction.


Downloading offline maps in Windows 10 lets us navigate regions without requiring data or internet connection. Was this guide useful? Let us know in the comments section below.

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