Hide or Show Hard Disk Partition in Windows 7

Do you need to hide or dismount a partition so that other users can no longer view it and write files on it?  This video tutorial shows how to do this both. It also shows how to unhide partitions, in case you need to use them again.

1. Go to the Start Menu, right-click on Computer, and select Manage. This will bring up your Computer Management window.

2. On the left-hand side, select Disk Management Under Storage section.

3. In the Disk Management section, you’ll see the right-hand side of the window populate with your disk information, showing you the name, size, and type of each partition for the disks on your system.

4. There you can see a list with all the Hard Disk and Partitions on your computer.

5. Right click on the Hard Disk or Partition you want to hide and select “Change Drive Letter and Paths“.

6. In the “Change Drive Letter and Paths” window, click on the Remove button.

7. You are asked to confirm the removal of the drive letter. Click Yes.

8. Now is hidden (dismounted)

NOTE: Make sure you close all the applications that might be using files from that partition and then click Yes, to continue the drive letter removal operation. the partition will never be available to users, unless you choose to unhide (mount) it.

Video Tutorial:


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