How to Hide Apps on iPhone

There are several reasons why you may want to hide an app on your iPhone 12. Perhaps your kids or younger siblings can’t get their hands off your phone, or you simply like a private life. Or, maybe you just want to clear up your home screen and create space for Apps you use often. Whatever the reason, you’ve found the right place.

With your iPhone 12, you can hide one or multiple apps at once, keeping them away from anyone’s reach.

Here’s how you can achieve that.

How to Hide one App on your iPhone 12

First, navigate your iPhone’s Home Screen to the App you want to hide. Then, tap and hold the app until a pop-up menu appears.

Next, select “Remove App” – another pop-up menu will appear. Finally, tap “Remove from Home Screen.”

Once you tap this, the App will automatically disappear from your Home Screen. After hiding the App this way, you can still find it in your App Library. You can repeat this step for as many apps as you want.

Hide Apps on your iPhone 12 using Siri & Search

An alternative way to hide your apps is through Siri & Search. Here are the steps.

Launch the Settings App. Then, scroll down and tap “Siri & Search.

Scan through the App section and select the App you want to hide.

Then Toggle the “Show on Home Screen” slider to turn off.

Hide Apps on your iPhone using Folders

Another excellent way to hide apps is using folders on your Home Screen. Here’s how

Tap and hold the app you want to hide until it begins to wriggle. While holding the App, drag it and fix it on top of another app until a new folder is created.

Then, release the App. You can hold the App and move it to the folder’s next/second page to hide it better.

You can also rename the folder by tapping and editing the text bar at the top of the folder.

While this method doesn’t entirely hide the App, it makes it more challenging to locate.

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