How to Install and Uninstall Fonts – Windows 11

In Windows 11, fonts put a new character into your writing with new typeface styles. In summation to the default fonts, you can easily install new fonts or extract fonts you don’t need. Here’s how to do both.

How to Install a Font on Windows 11

To install a new font in Windows 11, first, you’ll need a compatible font file. You can get free font styles from the internet, copy them over from another device, or purchase them online.

Windows 11 comes with high built-in features that supports TrueType (.ttf), OpenType (.otf), TrueType Collection (.ttc), or PostScript Type 1 (.pfb + .pfm) formats.

Open the file explorer on your Windows 11 PC and locate the file you would like to apply or install. Double click on it to open.

Windows will launch a sample of the font in a particular font preview window. Click “Install” to install the font. By default, this will instantly navigate the font file to your Windows system fonts folder (C:\Windows\Fonts).

And that’s it! Your font is now fixed and ready as an option in Microsoft Word and other applications. Reform as often as you’d like to install additional fonts.

How to Uninstall a Font on Windows 11

Uninstalling a font in Windows 11 is quite simple. First, open the Windows Settings by pressing Windows+i on your keyboard. Or you can launch it manually. To do so, click Windows Start Menu and search for Settings, and open the results.

Once you get to the Settings, select “Personalization.”

Once the Personalization window opens, click “Fonts” on the right side. Here, you’ll notice a list of all connected fonts in the “Available Fonts” section. To immediately find the one you need to uninstall (if you know its name), click the “Type here to search box,” then search the font’s name you want to exclude. When it arrives in the list, click it.

Once the file opens, click the “Uninstall” button.

Windows will extract the font from your system. If you ever needed again to remove more extra fonts, search for them in Settings > Personalization > Fonts and repeat the process.

Once you’re done, close the Settings.

Muhammad Imran Habib

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