How to Install Microsoft Office 2010 on Linux Mint

This brief tutorial will show you how to install Microsoft Office 2010 on Linux Mint using Play on Linux. To ease the transition if you are thinking on going from Windows to Linux.

1. Place the Microsoft Office 2010 disc on your computer.

2. Then go to Menu-> Software Manager. Enter your password if prompted.

3. In the Software Manager Search for Play on Linux, and Click the Install Button from the results.

4. Agree to the terms and conditions if prompted.

6. Once Play on Linux is installed go to Menu open theTerminal to enter the following command:

sudo apt-get install xterm unrar-free p7zip-full

7. Followed by your password.

xterm program: is a terminal emulator to be able to run windows programs on Linux

7-Zip: is an open source file archiver an application used to compress files.

8. Once xterm and 7-Zip are  installed. Go to Menu again and search and open Play on Linux.

9. Click next to the wizard Wait for the Refreshing PlayOnLinux finish to click next again.

10. Click on Most downloaded on the left pain and double click Microsoft Office 2010 on the right pain.

11. Select Use a setup file in my computer and Browse for the setup.exe of the Microsoft Office 2010 disk.

12. Double click the setup.exe and click on next on the Play on Linux Wizard.

13. From here on it will install and configure all necessary programs to complete the installation of Microsoft office 2010. like Wine and .NET Framework.

Video Tutorial:


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2 Responses

  1. Galih Priyadi says:

    I have a question About your tutorial video how to install Microsoft office 2010 on Linux mint, in this tutorial you not explain about registration key, it installation need key registration or not ? Thanks for your answer and sorry if my English is bad ????

    Galih Priyadi