How to Install Windows Server 2012

This is a step by step video tutorial on How to Install Windows Server 2012.  Even though the steps haven’t really changed dramatically compared to windows server 2008, the interface has! especially with the new metro look.  So let’s begin Installing Windows Server 2012

1. The first step is to Boot up from the CD or ISO image and select your language settings.

2. Select your Language and input options and then click on Next.

3. Click Install Now

4. Select the operating system you want to install.  I selected Windows Server 2012 Release Candidate Server with a GUI.  The other option is server core which was first introduced in Windows 2008 and is a minimal install with no GUI but provides remote management through Windows PowerShell and other tools. Click Next

5. Accept the License terms. Click Next

6. We are performing a new installation of Windows Server, so click on Custom.

7. Partition your drives and then click Next.

8. The Installation of Windows then proceeds.

9. The installation will eventually re-start your Windows Server where it will go through the final stages of preparing the environment for first time use.

10. You will eventually be prompted to enter a password for the built-in Administrator account. Click Finish

11. You will now be presented with the new Windows Login Screen, which is a fair change to what we have been accustomed to with previous releases of Windows Server.

Video Tutorial:


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