How To Install WordPress on Go Daddy Hosting Account

How to install WordPress website on this applies to anyone who is creating a brand new WordPress blog or website.

How to Install WordPress:

1. First we need to create an account in So go to My Account select I’m a new customer and enter the information requested.

2. Search for a Domain name this would be i.e

3. Once you find the domain name add it and select Domain only.

4. Continue to checkout >, under Create or host a website all we need is the Economy Web Hosting then click on Add & Continue

5. Select both the Hosting and the domain name for 1 year, then proceed to checkout to enter the billing information and place your order.

6. Lets tie the domain name to your hosting account by clicking on Web Hosting and select the domain name you just got and click on continue.

7. Once done click on install WordPress,  the install WordPress window will cone up.

8. Leave the Domain name and the Directory location as default, unless you would like to install WordPress into a different directory location other than the default one.

9. Enter a Username and Password. make sure the password is at least 10 characters long and Click OK. This username and password is the one you are going to be using to log into the WordPress dashboard.

10. Once WordPress is installed you can go the the WP dashboard to customize your website by entering on the search bar

Video Tutorial:


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