How to Join a Windows 11 PC to a Domain

A Windows 11 PC is built to work in a variety of settings. It can function very well on its own, but it can also be managed as part of a larger network.

You’ll probably want to connect Windows 11 to a domain if you’re managing several devices. A domain allows a single server to manage and secure many PCs (or several servers). You may then connect in to many devices and access different server resources on each PC using a single user account.

However, you don’t need to be a network administrator to perform this. If you have permission, you may wish to connect your laptop to a workplace or educational domain. Follow the procedures listed below if you’re unclear how to connect a Windows 11 PC to a domain.

Join Domain From Settings Account

Select Settings from the Start menu.

Press Accounts and select Access work or school.

Select the Connect button.

Choose the option to join this device to a local Active Directory domain.

Type in the domain name when instructed.

You may input your credentials if your network administrator has granted you access. If not, ask your network administrator to join the device for you using their admin credentials.

Restart your PC after entering your credentials.

Join Domain from Settings System

Press Windows + I to open Settings.

Go to System and click About.

Select Domain or workgroup under Related Links.

Under the Computer Name tab, click on Network ID if option is available.

Follow the on-screen instructions to join the domain.


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