How to Map a Network Drive – Windows 11

If you usually use a networked drive on your Windows 11 PC, you can map it to a drive letter in File Explorer to make it look more like a local drive and instantly locate it in the future. This article will walk you through how to map a network drive on your Windows 11 PC.

Map a Network Drive – Windows 11

First, click the “This PC” icon or open the File Explorer. If you don’t have an alternative to File Explorer in your taskbar, you can also get there by typing file explorer in the windows search bar.

Once you get to the File Explorer window, locate the toolbar and select “Map Network Drive.

Once you get to the “Map Network Drive” window, choose the drive letter from the drop-down menu that you want to assign to the network drive. It could be any alphabet in the list, depending on your particular decision.

In the “Folder” section, enter the network device and share name. If you don’t remember one, click “Browse” to see available devices on your local network.

Now, if you want your Windows 11 PC to continuously reconnect to this drive every moment you sign in, tick the box next to “Reconnect at sign-in.” And if you need to correlate with credentials (username and password) other than the ones connected to your existing Windows account, check “Connect Using Different Credentials.”

Once you’re done, click “Finish.”

Windows 11 will instantly correlate to the drive and map it to the drive letter you picked. If you open File Explorer and look at “This PC,” you’ll see the mapped drive placed under “Network Locations.”

The newly created mapped drive will also be shown in the File Explorer sidebar under “Network.”

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