How to Point Godaddy Domain to Cloudways Hosting

To point a Domain Name from Godaddy to Cloudways Hosting, just follow these steps:

Check Public IP address of Cloudways Hosting

Go to

Login and click on Servers, to the right of your server, click on the WWW then select the application.

Select Access Details Under Application management, and copy the Public IP address under Application credentials.

Then go to Domain Management, Under Primary domain enter your domain name, example:

Then click save changes.

In the same Domain Management section under the “How to point your Domain to” copy the Domain Address, ex:

After the .com there is a period, do not copy the period!!

Configure GoDaddy DNS

Go to GoDaddy and Sign in.

Click on DNS of the Domain you want to point to Cloudways.

Lets edit the type A record.

Click on “Pencil” icon next to the A record.

Do the following for Type A:

Points to: The Public IP Address of Your Cloudways Hosting, ex:
Host, TTL  Seconds: Leave Default.

Then click Save

Do the following for CNAME:

Points to: Enter your Cloudways domain address, ex:
Host, TTL: Leave Default.

Then click Save

The end result should look something like this:

Done!! It takes 10 minutes to 24 hours to complete.


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