How to Preview Items Quickly On the Mac OS

Usually, when you want to open a file on your Mac computer, you just need to double click it to open. However, you may only want a quick peek of the file without having to invoke the application responsible for opening your file.

For instance, when you receive an email attachment, you can preview files by simply clicking on an attachment.

Mac Os has a built-in feature that can preview a large variety of files including excel spreadsheets, word documents, PDFs, JPEGs, PNGs, Movies and many more.

This step by step tutorial will show you how to quickly preview your files.

Preview Items Quickly On the Mac OS

1. Find a file you want to preview then hit the ‘Spacebar’ to open the preview as illustrated below.

2. If you decide to view the file fully, you should click on the suggested application at the top bar as shown in the image above. E.g if it was a word file, the suggested application would be a text editor such as Microsoft Word. On the right corner, you have the share button which you can use to share your file on different online platforms.

3. In case you are viewing a file inside a folder like downloads, you can navigate all the files and folders in the root folder using the arrows buttons.

This is a neat trick that may significantly improve your productivity. You can even preview audio and video files as shown in the image below. You can peruse any file with ease without invoking multiple applications.

4. You can also preview a folder to easily see the folder’s info efficiently as illustrated below.


You now know how to preview your files on your Mac easily. The quick look feature in Mac has the potential to increases your productivity. Moreover, the quick look up reserves the computer’s resources when previewing files. Was this tip helpful to you? Please share your feedback on the comment section below.

Abdelrahman Reda

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