Enable The Classic Start Menu in Windows 8

One of the various features included in Windows 8 is a totally new UI, people donโ€™t seem to be totally satisfied with the Metro UI, So this following tweak will re-enable the classic start menu.

  1. Press the Start plus R key in the keyboard. it will open the Start Menu.
  2. In the start menu Type regedit and press OK button.it will open the Registry editor window.
  3. In the Registry editor window Go to:


4.Change value of RPEnabled from “1” to “0” and press Ok. Close the Registry editor window. and you are Done!!

Note: To get back the Metro UI, change the value back to “1”

Video Tutorial:


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1 Response

  1. Haryadi says:

    NIce… very helpful. really annoying for me to use default start menu. better to use the classic one.
    Thank you my friend…