How to Recover Deleted Photos or Videos on iPhone 12

You’ve taken many photos or screenshots, and now you need to create some space on your iPhone. What to do? Delete some of those pictures, right?

That worked! But now there’s a little problem: you also deleted some of your favorite pictures. If you’ve found yourself in this situation, you have nothing to worry about – you don’t need to panic.

Thankfully, your iPhone doesn’t really delete your pictures after you delete them. Instead, it stores them in an album, “Recently Deleted,” for 30 days before getting rid of them.

Here’s how you can get your favorite photo (s) back.

First, navigate your Home Screen and open the Photo application.

Then, tap “Albums” at the lower part of your screen and scroll down.

Recover Deleted Photos or Videos on iPhone 12

Next, select “Recently Deleted” under Utilities. The photos you have deleted in the last 30 days will be displayed alongside the number of days they have left.

Now, search for the picture you want to recover and open it. Then, tap Recover and select Recover Photo. Your picture will be recovered immediately.

If you want to recover more than one picture. Follow these steps instead.

Open the Photo App and tap “Album” on the lower part of the screen.

Then, scroll down and select “Recently Deleted.

Next, tap “Select” at the upper part of the screen and select the photos you want to recover. Then tap Recover.

Finally, tap “Recover [No.] photos.

NB: You can also tap Recover All if you want to recover all the deleted pictures.

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