How to Reference Number List Items in Microsoft Word 2016

MS Word is widely used as a word processor to attain many days to day operations. It is the ethical responsibility of an author to mention the references used to gain knowledge for the written document.

It is a cumbersome task for the reader to find the mentioned references in the whole text. You have to use the references number at different places in the document to highlight the cited work. Fortunately, MS Word has the Cross-reference option to give references numbers in the document.

Reference Number List Items in Microsoft Word 2016

Click on the Search icon in the taskbar of Windows 10 and type Word to open MS Word quickly.

Click on File and navigate to Open the Word file from your system. Click on This PC and browse for the desired file.

For reference numbered list to be added in the document at any position, make sure that your document contains the numbered list. If your document has no such list, you must add the numbered list that you want to cross-reference in your document.

Now, move to the line in your document where you want to give the reference. Click here to place the cursor at the reference numbered point.

Click on the Subscript icon in the Font options of MS Word, as shown in the image below.

Navigate to the Insert button on the top ribbon of MS Word. Under the Links category, click on the Cross-reference.

A new window of Cross-reference will open. Set Reference type to Numbered item and Insert reference to Paragraph number.

All the numbered items in the selected document are now visible in this window. Scroll down to your reference numbered list.

Click on the Numbered reference that you want to add at the place of your cursor in your document. Click on Insert at the bottom to add the numbered reference.

The selected reference number is added in your document now. Follow the same procedure to add all the numbered reference to your document at different places.

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