Restore Acer Aspire One D260 Notebook to Factory Defaults

Want to restore Acer Aspire One D260 notebook to its original settings without recovery CDs?

The recovery process helps you Restore your notebook to original content / software that is installed when you purchase your notebook. Follow the steps below to rebuild your C: drive. (Your C: drive will be reformatted and all data will be erased.)

It is important to back up all data files before using this option. Before performing a restore operation, please check the BIOS settings. To access the BIOS utility, press <F2> during POST

1. Check to see if Acer disk-to-disk recovery is enabled or not.

2. Make sure disk-to-disk (d2d) Recovery setting in the BIOS is Enabled.

3. Exit the BIOS utility and save changes.

The system will reboot. To start the recovery process:

1. Restart the system.

2. While the Acer logo is showing, press <Alt> + <F10> at the same time to enter the recovery process.

3. Follow the screen instructions to perform the system recovery.

Important! This feature occupies 14 GB in a hidden partition on your hard disk

Note: If your system is the multilingual version, the operating system and language you choose when you first turn on the system will be the only option for future recovery operations.


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