How to Rip DVD’s to iTunes

Want to watch movies from your own DVD library on your iPod, iPad or iPhone? With Handbrake, free software for Mac OSX,an PC  you can easily make any DVD into an iTunes-compatible movie.

To accomplish this you are going to need three free software programs, Handbrake, DVD Decripter, and VLC Media player.

  1. Insert your DVD. You may need to stop the auto-play
  2. Launch VLC Media Player and play the movie for at least 10 seconds then close VLC. (in some cases Handbrake will give you errors because it doesn’t detect VLC.)
  3. Launch Handbrake and Select your DVD source.
  4. Before you click start, create a preview and play it with VLC. (to make sure that Handbrake will produce a good quality video.)
  5. If the preview is bad or choppy continue to step 6. if is good or good quality continue on step 16.
  6. Close all programs
  7. Create a folder in your desktop and give it a Name. (Movie is preferred)
  8. Download,install and run DVD Decripter.
  9. Source, is the location of your DVD Movie usually drive D:
  10. Destination, is the folder you created in your desktop
  11. Then click on the play icon between the DVD and Hard-drive image.
  12. DVD Decripter will decrypt the movie and add it to the folder you created in the Desktop.
  13. Now open Handbrake and select folder under source.
  14. Choose the folder in the desktop where DVD decripter added the decrypted movie
  15. Create a preview and play it with VLC. (to make sure that Handbrake will produce a good quality video.)
  16. If it creates a good Quality preview Video
  17. Select where you want the converted files to be saved to.
  18. Select from the presets  iPod, Apple TV, or any other Apple Device.
  19. Hit “Start.” The movie will now be converted to an .m4v and saved to the folder you indicated in step 17.
  20. Navigate to the folder your movie is saved in and drag the MP4 or .m4v file into the iTunes Movie Folder.
  21. Hook up your iPod or iPad and sync up – or if you manually transfer from iTunes to your iPod, drag the movie on to your iPod. Now you’re ready to enjoy your movie on the go!


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