How to Save Webpages for Offline Reading in Google Chrome

Technology advancements have largely revolutionized our lives. Accessibility and availability of digital technology have made it possible to access a large reservoir of data available on the internet. However, occasionally the circumstances may differ either because of unavailability or un-accessibility of the internet.

For this reason, it is needed to save the webpages to be read later offline without the need of an internet connection. This article explains the steps to save the webpages for offline reading.

Open the Google Chrome browser and type your question in the search bar. Hundreds of results will appear in response to this search question. Click on one of the links to view it completely.

or If you have opened up any other document or any troubleshooting page you can follow the same process to save it for offline reading.

While the webpage is opened in a tab, click on the vertical three dots on the top right corner and then click on the ‘More tools’ option in the menu bar. It will show a sub-menu; click on the ‘Save page as’ option visible on the top of this sub-menu.

Save Webpages for Offline Reading in Google Chrome

The shortcut of this step is to simply hit Ctrl + S on the keyboard.

A dialog box will appear that will ask for the location to save the webpage (available on the top of the dialog box). You can change the location of download from the default location by clicking on the above arrow on the top left.

The name of the webpage can also be changed by replacing the text of the text box which is present next to the ‘File name’ label.

Hit the save button at the bottom to save the webpage for offline reading. Your document is ready for offline reading. You can also share the document with your friends as well.

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