How To Self Host Your Own Videos on WordPress

To accomplish this you would need access to your site via FTP. I will be using four video samples that I’ll be using inside the video folder.

Using this method you can upload any size videos.

I have the folder containing the video samples and am using filezilla as my FTP client.

Note: Before posting / uploading your own videos I recommend for you to get informed.

Run your FTP client, here you need the hostname, username, password and port number which is given to you by your hosting company.

Now just copy and paste the folder into the root directory of your website. the root directory might be different depending on the hosting company you are using.

Also depending on how many videos you have or how big they are it will take longer to upload.

Once uploaded locate the folder right click it to select file permissions to change the numeric value to 666 or 777.

Check mark Recurse into sub-directories and click on ok.

Close your FTP client and go to the WordPress manager or back end, go to plugins, add new, to search and install for 2 plugins

a.    Add from Server
b.    jw player for flash & html5

Go to Media, add from server, WordPress Root select the videos folder (the one we just uploaded), select all files within the video folder
Click on import to import all the videos to your Media library.

12. All is left is for you to go to your post, add media and select one of the uploaded video.


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