How to Send Files with Nearby Sharing on Windows 11

Nearby Sharing is a feature in Windows 11 that enables you to share links, documents, images, and other things with nearby compatible devices.

Because the technology combines Bluetooth and WiFi connection, devices must be reasonably near to one another.

For example, you could find this feature convenient to exchange files from your PC to your laptop.

This guide will show you how to use Nearby Sharing on Windows 11.


Open Settings on your desktop.

On the Systems tab, select Nearby sharing.

Select which Nearby sharing option you wish to use. There are three options available to you:

My devices only: Allows file sharing between PCs using the same Microsoft account configuration.

Everybody nearby: Provides easy file sharing with any nearby devices.

Off: Disables the Nearby sharing feature.

Send Files with Nearby Sharing

Locate the file you want to share in your File Explorer.

Select and right-click on the file then choose Share.

The Nearby Sharing should pop-up, choose the device to which you want to transmit the file. This will only function if both devices are near by.

Select whether to Save & Open, Save or Decline.


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