How To Set Custom Vibrations on iPhone or iPad

By default, your iPhone vibrates twice quickly when you receive a text message and once continuously when you receive an incoming call. However, all other notifications cause your iPhone to vibrate only once.

But what if you want an option that will quickly help you determine the specific notification without even picking up your iPhone? Well, that’s possible to achieve.

All you’d need to do is create or set custom vibrations for your preferred apps.

Don’t know how? Keep reading to learn.

How to Customize Your iPad or iPhone Vibration Patterns

To customize your device’s vibration patterns:

First, open your iPhone’s Settings application. Then, tap Sounds & Haptics.

Next, scroll down to SOUNDS AND VIBRATION PATTERNS – Here, you’d find various alerts. These include – Ringtone, text tone, new voicemail, new mail, sent mail, reminder alerts, etc.

Select the alert you would like to customize. Then tap Vibrations. You can choose any of the standard vibration options if you wish. But, for something more personalized, select “Create New Vibration.

Afterward, a blank panel will appear. Tap the screen to create your desired vibration. A continuous vibration is produced by keeping your finger pressed while you get a pause by lifting it.

When you generate your pattern, tap Stop and select “Play” to test or review it. Select “Record” if you want to generate another.

Next, tap Save if you are pleased with your custom vibration, then give your unique vibration a name. Lastly, select Save to finish up this process.

Now, this particular vibration will be automatically assigned to the notification type you choose! Repeat the technique mentioned above to create a distinctive vibration pattern for each notification type you desire. Remember that every alert’s vibration option area allows you to design bespoke vibrations.

All your custom vibrations will then be accessible in the Custom Vibrations area for all notification types. They are yours to use as many times as you choose.

Ori Otokpa

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