How to Set up and Use the Guided Access with iPhone, iPad

The guided access feature allows you to lock your iPhone on one app and limits its accessibility features.

You will find this feature helpful if you have kids or friends who constantly snoop around your phone. It would also be beneficial if you need to get rid of distracting features of an app temporarily.

In summary, this feature is for everyone who cherishes their privacy from family, friends, and others.

Here’s how you can set up this feature.

Launch Settings, then scroll down and tap Accessibility.

Next, select Guided Access and toggle the “Guided Access” Switch to activate.

Then tap Passcode settings to set up the passcode for this feature.

Afterward, select “Set Guided Access Passcode,” then create a six-digit passcode and confirm.

Next, toggle the “Face ID” switch to activate it if you want to. You can end the guided access with your Face ID if you activate your Face ID for this feature.

Then, tap the “Accessibility Shortcut” switch to activate the shortcut – triple-clicking the side button


How to use the Guided Access Feature

First, launch your preferred app – here, LinkedIn was used.

Then, triple-click the side button and circle areas of the screen that you want to become inaccessible. You can drag the circle or box (whatever shape is formed) to cover more areas.

Next, tap Start at the upper right part of your screen to begin.

To end the session, triple-click the side button, then tap “End” on the left upper part of the screen.

Note: At the lower left side of the screen is “Options.” You can tap it to select what controls your phone can utilize while Guided Access is activated.

The options include the volume and side buttons, motion, keyboards, touch, and time limit.

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