How to set up rooms and equipment Office 365

In this step by step tutorial, we are going to learn how to set up a room or equipment and to use it in Office 365.

  1. Sign in to the Microsoft Office 365 Admin Centre with your administrator credentials
  2. Navigate to Resources and then choose Rooms & Equipment.

3. On the Rooms & Equipment page, click + Add.

4. Complete the Room or Equipment fields:

  • On Type, specify the Room or Equipment that you would want to set up the mailbox for.
  • On Name, enter the name of the room or equipment that would want to use.
  • The email alias is automatically generated from the Name. However, you can enter an email alias name of your choice.
  • Capacity is the number of people who can occupy the room or use the equipment at the same time.
  • Specify the location of the room or equipment. This can be a city or part of a building.
  • The phone number can be the office number or extension number of the room.

5. Once done, click Add. The mailbox for the Room has been created.

6. From the Room & Equipment page, select the room or equipment that you have created. The Room options page will open on the side.

7. You can edit options to book the room by choosing Edit under the booking options.

8. Make changes according to your requirements and then choose Save.

9. To add delegates who will manage or view bookings sent to the mailbox, click Edit on Delegates.

10. Click on the + Add delegates and then click Save and Close.

How to use the Room or Equipment mailbox?

  1. The room mailbox can now be used to make bookings to the room using Outlook or by signing in to Outlook on the Web. Open Outlook on your computer.
  2. On the Home tab, select New Items then choose Meeting from the drop-down menu.

You can also create a meeting from the Calendar tab by choosing New Meeting.

3. Click on the To field to select the attendees that you would want to invite together with the room or equipment that you want to book. Then Click OK.

4. The Location field will automatically be filled with the room name.

  • Enter the subject of the meeting or purpose of using the equipment
  • Specify the Start time and End time of the meeting’s duration of time that you will be using the equipment. You can also tick All day event if the reservation will be for the whole day
  • Describe the purpose of the meeting in the Message box. You can also add attachments if required.

5. Once done, click Send.

6. When the request to book a room or equipment has been accepted or declined, an email notification will be sent to the Organizer stating that the request was accepted or declined.

A meeting has been successfully scheduled and the room reserved.

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