How to Set Up Voicemail on iPhone

Voicemails are one of the most important and handy call features that exist. With the voicemail feature, your friends and loved ones can record and leave voice messages when you are busy or unreachable.

The iPhone has an in-built voicemail feature that is easy to set up. Your iPhone may have either the voicemail, voicemail transcription, visual voicemail, or all three. The voicemail feature variants you have depends on your country/region, carrier, and iPhone model. 

However, you must set up your voicemail first to access these features. Here’s how

Setting Up Your iPhone’s Voicemail

Check the lower part of your Home Screen and Tap the Phone icon.

Tap the Phone icon

hen, select Voicemail, located at the lower right corner of your screen. It looks like two small circles on a straight line.

Next, Tap the “Set Up Now”option in the middle of the screen.

Then, create a password for your voicemail and tap “Done.” This password will come in handy whenever you try to open your voicemail on another phone.


After this, you will need to choose between the Defaultor Custom greeting options.

The Default greeting allows you to use the standard pre-recorded voicemail greeting. Conversely, the Customgreeting option enables you to record your message.

If you selected the “Custom” greeting option, Tap “Record,” then record your greeting. And “Stop<” when you finish.

To listen to the recorded greeting, Tap “Play.” Select the “Record” option again and repeat the process if you are not satisfied. 

Lastly, Tap “Save” 

Once you complete the process, you can start receiving voicemails. You can also adjust your voicemail notifications, and listen to voicemails. You can also change/re-record your voicemail greetings to suit specific events.

If you are unable to set up your voicemail using this process, it may be that your service provider does not allow it. In this case, you’d need to call your service provider’s voicemail number to activate your voicemail. This process will vary based on the region and the provider.

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