How to Share Files Between Windows and Mac over the Network

In this tutorial I’m going to be showing you guys how to Share Files Between Mac and a PC over the Network.

Video Tutorial:

Share Files Between Windows and Mac over the Network

I am using Windows 7 on my PC

1.  Right click the folder you wish to share and go to Properties.

2. Click the Sharing tab, and click Advanced Sharing.

3. Check mark the box that says “Share this folder

4. Permissions, to customize the permissions for that folder and then click Apply, Continue, Apply again, OK  and close.

Once we have successfully created a shared folder to be shared with the Mac Computer, we need to know the computer name or IP address of the Windows PC

To know the Computer Name: Click the Start button, right click Computer, select properties, advance system setting from the right pain, Computer name Tab.

To know the Computer IP address: Press the windows key + R on your keyboard in the Run window type “cmd” to open the command prompt there type ipconfig and press enter your IP will show to the right of IPv4 or IPv6. ie.

Once you have the IP address or Computer name go to the mac computer:

1. Click on Go, Connect to server from the drop down menu.

2. In the server address enter smb:// computer name or IP address of the windows computer ie. smb:// or smb://Windows Computer name. I prefer using the computer name because the IP might change over time.

3.  Now now click on add to add it to the Favorite Server list. select it and connect.

4. In the username and password window, here is where you would need the windows username and password. if the windows user don’t have a password its Okey just type the user name.

5. Click on connect,or you can check-mark remember this password on my key-chain and connect.

6. Select the folder you wish to mount and click on Okey.

and you are done!!

shared PC using a folder is being shared

To automatically connect to the PC shared folder when you login to the Mac:

1. Go to the Apple logo, System preferences, Accounts, login items in here click on the + to add the shared folder.

2. Look for the shared folder to add you don’t have to manually re-connect every time you restart or log-off your Mac computer.

lets do this viceversa lets shared a folder on the Mac to be viewed on the PC.

1. Created a folder on the Mac.

2. Got the Apple logo, system preferences, click on sharing, select file sharing, options.

3. Select share files and folders using SMB Windows.

4. Under Shared Folders click on the + symbol then browse for folder you wish to share with Windows, selected and click on add. Done.

5. All we need to do is just go to the a Windows PC and go to my network places where network and you should be able to see the Mac PC here and be able to access the folders shared by the Mac computer.


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