Share Files and Folders Between Your Host Machine and VirtualBox

The easiest way to do this is to simply create a shared folder on the computer then create a network connection to it on the Virtual Machine

1. On the master computer, create a Shared Folder, and name it VirtualShare

2. Start your Virtual machine and install Guest Additions under Devices tab. After the installation your VM will re-start.

3. Start your Virtual Machine and then from the main Virtual window Menu select Devices, then

4. Create a Shared Folder on Machine Folders By Clicking on the share folder icon, then navigate to the VirtualShare folder you created earlier

5. On the Virtual computer go to network and you will see a vboxsvr double click it and there you will see your Shared or Network folder

Creating a network drive in Windows Xp is slightly different then Vista/Windows 7 environments. All you have to remember is “Create a network connection“.

Windows XP uses anĀ “Add a Network Place” Wizard to create the connection.

For Windows XP:

Video Tutorial: