How to Share Notes and Folders with Family and Friends on iPhone or iPad

The notes app on iPhones and iPads is helpful in several ways! For example, you can use it to write down plans, make personal notes, etc.

One of the outstanding features the Note app offers is the sharing feature. This option allows you to share your notes with friends and families while allowing them to make changes to them.

As long as your selected contact uses an Apple device and is signed with their Apple ID, they can view and edit shared notes.

Here, we will give detailed steps on sharing notes and folders on your iPhone or iPad. So, keep reading to learn.

How to Share Notes With Friends and Family

First, launch the Note app on your iPhone or iPad.

Then, select and open the note you want to share.

Next, tap the “circled three dot menu icon” at the right upper corner.

Then, select “Share Note” and choose the platform you want to share the note via. You can swipe left over the options to see more and tap “More” for more options.

Choose the person you want to share with and send depending on the platform you select.

Here, the platform used is the Message App.

You can also decide whether the individual can view only or make changes to the note. How?

After tapping the three dots at the upper right corner of your screen, select Share Note.

Next, tap “Share Options,” and choose one of the options based on your preference.

How to Share Folders on Note App

First, open the Note App on your iPhone or iPad.

Then tap the back icon at the screen’s upper left corner or swipe left.

Next, tap “Edit” at the top right corner of your screen. Then, tap the circled three dots beside your preferred folder.

Afterward, select “Share Folder” and choose how you want to share the folder.

Tap “Share Options” to grant permission to the actions a collaborator can take. For example, if you select “View only,” the individual(s) can only view the folders.

On the other hand, choosing “Can make Changes” implies that the collaborators can view, edit, add others, and create subfolders.


Open the Notes App on your device.

Then, swipe right over the note you intend to share and tap the blue share icon.


Next, select how you’d like to share the note.

You can also tap “Share options” to determine the actions the collaborator (s) can take on the note.

That’s it! Easy right?

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