How to Share Screen on FaceTime – iPhone and iPad

You’ve come to the right post if you want to learn how to screen share while face-timing on your apple device.

Screen sharing allows iPhone and iPad users to browse the web, review pictures, and assist each other during a FaceTime call.

Everyone will see what’s on your screen until you end the sharing process. After that, however, they can’t make any changes on your device or see any notification you get on the screen.

Let’s jump into how to screen share during FaceTime without further ado.

How to Share Your FaceTime Screen on Your iPhone or iPad

First, Open FaceTime and select “New FaceTime” at the top of your screen.”

Then, type in the name of the person (s) you want to call and tap “FaceTime.”

Or, check your call log; if you’ve video-called the person before, you can simply tap their name again to FaceTime them.

Lastly, you can also create a link by tapping “Create a link.” Then, send it to your friend(s) through your preferred platform so that they can join the call.

Once the call begins, tap the Share Content icon at the top right corner of the screen.

Then, tap “Share My Screen,” You’ll be given a brief countdown before your screen share.

Tell the participants to tap “Open” beside the “Join Screen Sharing” option at the top of their screens. This will allow them to see the shared content.

Once you start sharing your screen, swipe up to minimize the call screen, open your preferred app and share whatever you want.

A purple-colored screen share icon should appear at the top left corner of your screen when you do this. Or, your clock may turn purple.

To end a sharing session, tap the Screen Share icon.

NB: During your FaceTime screen share, no one would be able to see some private content on your screen. If you’ve gotten the hang of FaceTime, sharing your screen is just as easy. With the straightforward steps I’ve provided, you’re good to go!

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