How to Show Different Icons on Taskbar

The taskbar is very important in Windows OS. It is the quick way to switch between open any installed app in the system on a single click. There are two types of icons on the taskbar. The left-hand side of the taskbar is reserved for the system applications icon and the right one for the system icons.

This article will explain how we can add or remove different types of Icons from Windows 10 taskbar using taskbar settings.

Show Different Icons on Taskbar

Click on the Start menu button and then click on the Settings icon.

In Windows Settings, click on the Personalization option.

At the bottom left-hand side of the window, click on the Taskbar.

Taskbar settings will appear on the right hand side. You can make the appearance settings of the taskbar from the options initially displayed in the taskbar settings window.

Scroll down the taskbar settings. Navigate to Notification area and click on the select which icons appears on the taskbar.

A new window will open. It is not recommended to allow every icon to appear on the taskbar. Keep that option off, but if you want all the icons to be appeared on the taskbar then change the status of the button to On.

Look at the bottom right of the taskbar and note the icons that are already present there.

Now on the icons from the list to allow them to appear on the taskbar.

The selected icons will appear on the taskbar impulsively.

There are some system icons like a battery, sound, etc. are also appearing on the bottom right of the taskbar. To manually allow or disallow them to be appeared there, navigate to Notification Area under taskbar settings and click on Turn system icons on or off.

The list of system icons will appear on the screen with the status On or Off.

Turn On the icons you want to see on the taskbar.

The system icons will appear on the taskbar spontaneously.

The left-hand side of the taskbar is for the app icons.

To display any installed application on the taskbar, go to the start button and right click on any application. Click on More and again click on Pin to taskbar.

The selected application will appear on the taskbar.

Muhammad Imran Habib

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