How to Skip Pages in a Numbered Document in Microsoft Word 2016

A professional document must have page numbers for incasing the readability of a document. MS Word is the best platform to compose and edit a document. Numbering the document in MS Word is an effortless task, but skipping pages from a numbered document is a little bit tricky.

You can skip as many pages as you can from a numbered document in MS Word; this article will tell you how to skip pages in a numbered document in MS Word. Follow the below steps.

Click on the Search icon in Windows 10 Taskbar and type Word. Open the MS Word application from the results of the Windows 10 search.

Click on Open on the left-hand side of the home of MS Word to open your numbered Word document for skipping pages.

It is a regular practice to skip page numbers on the Cover page and Table of Contents page in a document. In this demo document, there are five pages.

Click on the Show/Hide icon in the paragraph settings at the top ribbon of MS Word.

Click at the first line of the page in your document from where you want to start the page number by skipping the previous pages. Navigate to the Layout settings and click on Breaks. Click on the Next page to add a section break in your document.

A section break is added at the bottom of the previous page.

Double click at the top of the page to open headers and footers. You can see that your page is divided into two sections.

Click on the Header space of the first page of Section-2 and click on Link to Previous in the top ribbon to break the header link from the previous pages. Follow the same process in the Footer section as well.

Section 2 of your document is unlinked from the previous section(s).

Click on Insert at the top ribbon and navigate to page numbers. Add the desired style of the page number to your document.

It is visible that the page number starts from the Footer Section 2, but the first page is numbered as the 3|Page.

To change the page number to 1|Page, click on the Page Number option and select Format Page Numbers.

A Page Number Format window will open in front of you. Check for Start at the option and enter 1 as the starting digit of the page number.

The first two pages are skipped from page numbering if the demo document. You can skip any page in the numbered document by the described method.

Muhammad Imran Habib

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