How to Start Group FaceTime Calls on iPhone or iPad

The FaceTime app has always been a lifesaver! It’s been an invaluable tool for communicating with loved ones, friends, and family. While its provided services have been excellent, it’s gotten even better!

Now, you can do more! With the recent updates, you can start a Group FaceTime call with up to 32 people – compared to one-on-one conversations. And you can even share your screen.

This implies that you can now have lectures, meetings, or training sessions with the FaceTime app. You can also FaceTime as many friends or family members as you want and share and create memories.

However, you must note that this feature is unavailable in some regions.

Start Group FaceTime Calls on iPhone or iPad

First, navigate your iPhone or iPad’s home screen and launch the FaceTime app.

Then, tap “New FaceTime” – a new page should open.

On the new page, type in the names of persons you intend to add to the video call.

Then, after typing and selecting their names, tap FaceTime at the lower part of your screen.


You can tap the “+” icon on the search bar at the opposite end of “To.” Your contact list will be displayed.

Type the person’s name into the search bar or scroll down and select the name.

When you select a name, the person’s contact details will be displayed. Tap “video” – the video icon and select FaceTime. Under FaceTime, tap the phone number.

After doing this, the person’s name will be added to the list. Do this for up to 30 people, and tap FaceTime to begin your call.

That’s all there is to it! Note that you can only FaceTime persons with Apple devices.

Ori Otokpa

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