How to Sync Microsoft OneDrive in Linux Mint

Thanks to a project called onedrive-d, you can officially sync your OneDrive with Linux. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to sync Microsoft OneDrive in Linux by using onedrive-d.

Install onedrive-d on Linux

1. Open the terminal window and install git using this command:

sudo apt-get install git

2. Clone the source code from git using the following command:

git clone

3. Now change directory to the onedrive-d folder:

cd onedrive-d

4. Here run the install script to download and install the required dependencies. Accept all packages to install.

./ install

Once the installation has completed, you’ll be prompted to enter the “onedrive-pref” command in the terminal. From there on you would need to follow the on-screen instruction.


Copy the URL provided and paste it on the browser address bar. Enter your OneDrive username and password on the “Sign in” page.


Then grant onedrive-d read/write access to your OneDrive.


Now Copy the URL provided after you have click on Yes button and and paste it on the terminal:



Now create a local folder inside the Home folder to be used to sync OneDrive.

Once created, paste the path in the terminal on step 2/4.


On step 3/4 and 4/4 select no.


Then run the following command to start syncing.

onedrive-d start


That is it!!

Video Tutorial:

If you find yourself  having  problems with onedrive-d, there is an issue tracker where you can find help.

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