How to Take Photos with Night Mode

Taking photos with an iPhone can be such an enjoyable experience. The color balance and clarity are exceptional, and all these combine to produce a set of colorful and vivid images.

However, have you ever tried taking pictures with an iPhone at night?

One remarkable feature with iPhones is the new Night mode that immeasurably improves photography in low light situations.

This article will teach you how to master Night mode photography on iPhones.

Remarkably, Night mode is not a setting to turn on or off when using the iPhone camera app, unlike other common camera modes.

The Night mode feature is designed to function automatically.

How to Use Night Mode on iPhone

Open the Camera app.

Then, look for the moon crescent icon at the top left corner. Next, check the icon color. If it appears yellow, it means Night mode is automatically enabled.

If it appears gray, it is available for selection; you have to enable it manually.

You can click the moon icon to adjust exposure time.

Ensure your iPhone is as stable as possible when using Night mode. Then, take as many pictures as you want.

Remember that the yellow or gray moon icon will only show if the camera picks up medium or low light in the picture environment.

Also, the exposure time varies based on the ambient light available.

NB: The Photo Night mode feature is available on the iPhone 11 and later models.

Ori Otokpa

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