How To Turn Off Face Recognition on Windows 11

Windows computers have a wide range of security features that keep users safe from threats from the outside world. Face ID lets people get into their PCs by using their faces and other biometrics. But many Windows 11 users want to know how to turn off face recognition.

Continue reading this guide to know easy ways to do so.

Why should I disable Facial Recognition?

Face recognition is a great security feature, but it seems to only recognize the owner’s face. This could be a problem for privacy. But it can be used and controlled by strangers when the user isn’t around. Also, if your PC’s camera stops working, that can be a problem.

Some users think that Windows Facial Recognition is not as advanced as other devices because it is easy to use. It is vulnerable because it is easy to control and use for bad things.

The Facial Recognition System in Windows computers can’t find your face if you’re wearing glasses. Even if the lens is clear, it won’t be able to read it, which can be annoying.

Scars on your face can lock you out. The Facial Recognition system can be hard to get around if your face isn’t the same as when you first set it up. If you don’t have another way to log in, it can lock you out of your device.

Turn off Face Recognition in Windows Hello login

Press Win + I to open Settings.

Go to Accounts and select Sign-in options.

Select Facial Recognition and click Remove. 

Disable Biometrics Using Registry Editor

Press Win + R to open Run dialog.

Type regedit and press OK.

Navigate to the following directory


If Biometrics is not in the folder, right-click on an empty spot on the left, choose New from the drop-down menu, click on Key, and name the new key Biometrics.

Click on the New key, right-click on the right lane of the page, select New, click on DWORD 32-bit value, and name the new DWORD as Enabled.

Double-click the newly created Enabled DWORD and set its Data Value to 0.

By editing the Registry as shown above, you can turn off all biometric sensing on your PC. It stops Face Detection, Fingerprint, and Iris scans from making changes to your PC.


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