How to Turn off Save Password Pop-ups in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge has many features and the most important one is that its lightweight and consumes less memory as compared to Google Chrome. Microsoft Edge has also one other important feature already built into, called a password manager.

Whenever you log in to any of the websites, it gives you the pop-up to save username and password into its password manager.

Sometimes, you might be using some third-party password managers and you may not need this prompt. In this article, I will explain how we can disable Microsoft Edge password manager save login pop-ups.

Open Microsoft Edge browser and click on the three dots at the top right corner, this will open up a menu, click on Settings in the menu.


This will show Settings for the Microsoft Edge browser. On the main page, under your profile, click on Passwords.


Once you are in the password settings click on the toggle button to turn on or off for the options “Offer to save passwords”


Once you will disable this option, Microsoft Edge will not show the pop-up to save the password while logging into the websites.

If you changed your mind and you wanted to use the Microsoft Edge browser as your password manager, follow the above mention process and toggle this option to turn on password manager in Microsoft Edge.

After that Microsoft Edge will always show popups to save your user name and password while logging into the websites.

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