How to Use Dynamic Lock on Windows 11

When a linked Bluetooth device (your phone or wearable gadget) is out of range, Windows 11’s Dynamic Lock feature locks your PC. Even if you forget to press the Windows key + L shortcut while walking away, the Dynamic Lock function will automatically lock your PC.

Dynamic Lock works with any Bluetooth-enabled device, although it’s generally preferable to use anything with a lot of life and range, like your phone. When your smartphone is out of reach for 30 seconds, Windows will automatically lock the screen.

To get everything working, you’ll need to make sure that your Windows 11 PC is already paired with another Bluetooth device.

Enable Dynamic Lock on Windows 11

Press Windows + I to open Settings.

Go to Accounts then select Sign-in options.

Expand the Dynamic Lock option under Additional settings.

Click the Allow Windows to automatically lock your device when you’re away option.

Wait a few moments, and your Dynamic Lock device will appear.

When you walk away from your computer and your Dynamic Lock device is out of range, your computer will automatically lock after 30 seconds.


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