How to Use Picture in Picture on Windows 11

Full-screen films are fun to watch, but they aren’t always the ideal choice if you need to do other things at the same time. Picture in Picture solves this problem by reducing the video player to a tiny window that you can move around.

Picture in Picture is supported natively in Windows 11 through a system program, but only for offline movies. For web-based information, however, there are a variety of options. Here’s how to utilize Picture in Picture on Windows 11 without further ado.

How to use Picture in Picture for offline video

The pre-installed Films & TV app natively supports the feature.

Open File Explorer and look for the file you’d like to play.

Right-click on the file and choose Open With then Film & TV.

Click on the icon that looks like a smaller rectangle inside a bigger one.

Your video will shrink to a smaller window. You can drag it anywhere around your screen but it can’t be resized.

You can only rewind 10 seconds, fast forward 30 seconds, and toggle play/pause from picture-in-picture mode.


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