How to Use Shazam and View Shazam Music Recognition History on your iPhone or iPad

iOS 14.2 and later comes with an in-built music recognition feature – Shazam. You can use it to identify the songs you’re listening to – whether from a store, radio, or even a video on your phone.

After identifying the songs, Shazam saves them so you can access them later. However, very few people know this. Here’s how you can use the music recognition feature on your device and view the history.

How to use Shazam on your Apple device

The Shazam app and music recognition feature is automatically added to the control center. This makes it easy to access and use. However, if it’s not, you can add it to the control center and then use it at will.

Here’s how you can access and use it

First, swipe down on the control center.

Then, tap the Shazam or music recognition icon while the song is playing.

Once the song is identified, you will receive a notification containing the name and other details. Tap it to download or purchase it from My Music.

How to View Shazam Music Recognition History on your Devices

If you’ve identified songs previously and want to view your music recognition history, follow these steps.

First, swipe down the upper right corner of the screen to view the Control Center.

Then, press and hold the Music Recognition icon. The history will appear right after. You can swipe up to select your preferred song.

Most of these are even easier if you have the Shazam app on your device.

Ori Otokpa

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